Abundance is the rate flow of abundance through your being.

There are many types of abundance.

Some main types are

  • Direct energy of our thoughts, and deeds.
  • Things needed to achieve the goals.
  • Monetary the cash needed to pay for the services things etc from those that requiring this form of abundance.
  • All currently exist in the world around us.
  • Here is where we share the abundance.
  • Web hosting and it's related costs.
  • Site development and data entry
  • Educational events.
  • Research.
  • Infrastructure development. Food processing, wool carding and felting, distribution, fuel and energy production, paper production,

How can you help?

  • Join our site.
  • Work on any of the projects offer.
  • Attended webinars, seminars, workshops and other sponsored for events.
  • Join one of the apprenticeships offered.
  • Host your site with us.
  • Share a link on your site.
  • Donate or use of goods, land, equipment what have you.
  • Plant your place with sustainability in mind and heart.
  • Encourage others to do the same.
  • Support sustainable projects.

Can I earn abundance doing things?

Yes member sites offer affiliate programs. Just post a link on your site. Each time your referral makes a purchase you earn abundance points.

Do any of the jobs in the job bank and earn abundance.


Last Update Febuary 18, 2014