What to do first?

In fact it dose not matter. If the principle of accumulative abundance is applied.

There are many projects are currently in place.

The site is one.

Here we need skills in the following areas.

  • Web programing.

    Site is developed using Perl, TTML, java script, and CSS.
  • Content development.

    Someone has to write every page on the site
  • Course writers and mentors.

    We use moodle to deliver online coarse material.
  • Site appearance and navigation.

  • Site appearance and navigation are essential to repeated use.

  • Data entry

    There are many databases in use on the site. Such as the plant and animal databases, these are core to providing meat to the bee pasture , seed bank etc.
  • Project management

    Keeping projects on track needs skilled project management. The cannery needs to know when, how many, what variety of tomatoes are coming of to plan production schedules.